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marQaha Energy Shots 6X 60mg THC

marQaha Tinctures 22X - 220mg THC Per Bottle
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Benjamins Edibles Benilla Wafers 100mg THC

Benjamin's Edibles Bank Rolls 100mg THC

Edi-Pure Creme Filled Cupcake 125mg THC

Edi-Pure Blue Raspberry Rings 10 X 25mg THC

Edi-Pure Watermelon Tarts 25 X 10mg THC

Edi-Pure Sweet 'n Sours 25 X 10mg THC

Edi-Pure Watermelon Belt 5 X 50mg THC

Edi-Pure Peanut Butter Sandwich 125mg THC

Twirling Hippy Confections - Freshies Crunch & Almond Bro's

Mary Jane's Medicinals Heavenly Hash Bath

Mary Jane's Medicinals Cannabis Infused Salve

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